What is a tote bag

Tote bags are back in fashion and they have been increasingly switching over to tote bags made of eco-friendly materials like cotton and cork leather. Tote bags are usually on the larger scale of sizes and open at the top. They are popularly used for every-day use and for work. They are both eco-friendly, look so good and are versatile in their use.

While they come in numerous sizes and multiple uses, they can complement any style. Tote bags made entirely of cork leather are extremely durable for long periods of time and make a fashion statement. Personally our favs are Whistler Tree’s tote bags made entirely of cork leather!

Tote bags

They have a multitude of uses due to their large interior and large straps. The wide opening allows easy access and easy viewing to what you have placed in your gorgeous bag. Easy to carry around and take on picnics. Especially now that the weather is getting warmer, picnics are a staple in British summers.

tote bag

With Whistler Tree’s gorgeous Amadora tote bags in Khaki, Raspberry and Tan. A fully sustainable structured tote bag in natural cork. Due to the nature of cork leather the bags are water repellent and stain resistant which makes them ideal for everyday use. The totes interior is large enough to hold your daily essentials, including a 13” Macbook and features a secure internal zipped compartment on the back wall. The sleek, minimalist exterior has a classic strap and buckle detail in an antique silver finish.