Life in a Tote Bag

A tote bag is a must-have, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. However, when it comes to finding the perfect tote, it almost sounds impossible. We all have our own expectations that make that “perfect tote”.


Whistler Tree Khaki Tote Cork Leather Fabulous Bag

So what makes the perfect tote?  Since the goal of most totes is to be able to tote around lots of stuff, I suggest looking for one that’s durable. The new durable, sustainable and eco-friendly is CORK LEATHER! With comfortable straps, not too heavy, and a bonus with one or two internal pockets.

We, at Whistler Tree have the best tote bags for you! A tote bag is for every experience- here are just a few perfect places to use your tote bag in your every-day life.

Whistler Tree Black Tote Cork Leather Fabulous Bag

Going to gym. It is always a “ugh” experience, but going to the gym when you’re unprepared is particularly masochistic. If you’ve ever used the rowing machine without a hair-tie or tried to run sock-less, your entire workout feels like an eye-roll emoji on repeat. Set yourself up for success by stocking your gym tote full of essentials like deodorant, hair bands, socks, healthy snacks, and a water bottle. 

Whistler Tree TanTote Cork Leather Fabulous Bag

Going out! It’s not a night out until you’re screaming “This is my song!” at every song. Prep your bag for a party by throwing in a retro disposable camera, random accessories for a potential mid-evening costume change, and a tongue-in-cheek flask (shh…it’ll be our secret!).

Have a browse through Whistler Tree’s range of tote bags and many more! A mixture of style, durable and sustainable! You can never go wrong with one of our bags!