Everything you need to know about Cork Leather

How does wood become a beautiful texture that can be created as a universal fashion accessory?

Cork leather is the latest innovation in the processing of cork bark. Only the best cork material is used to make it soft, beautiful and strong. Cork Leather is a natural product. It is made from fine sheets of natural cork, extracted from the bark of cork oak. These fine sheets are applied with special technology on different types of bases depending on its subsequent use - for bags, accessories, jewellery, umbrellas, raincoats, furniture upholstery, etc.

The resistance of the cork leather is remarkable. To protect it from stains, it is treated with a special protective finish. The cork material is as strong as animal skin. The main difference between the two is that cork leather is waterproof and can even be cleaned with water and mild soap.

Cork leather is not only eco-friendly, hypoallergenic but waterproof and stain resistant.

Whistler Tree Natural Cork


  • Innovative texture: to the touch and as a vision it creates a unique feeling. Some people compare it to animal skin, but in reality there is no other material that can compare to it.
  • Natural: Extracted directly from the bark of the cork oak, it has physical and chemical properties that cannot be reproduced by humans.
  • Eco: Cork oak has the ability to regenerate its bark. This allows the use of its bark without damaging the tree itself.
  • Robust: the chemical and physical structure of the cork provides high wear resistance.
  • Hypoallergenic: due to its ability not to absorb dirt, it is "immunized" against microorganisms.
  • Waterproof: the natural properties of the cork, enhanced during the processing process, allow the cork leather to be waterproof and even be used in the production of umbrellas.
  • Does not absorb grease: finished cork leather products do not absorb dust and grease and do not retain stains.

Cork is a renewable material, the extraction of which does not harm the wood. Removing the bark of the cork oak supports its growth and development and prolongs the life of the tree. The use of cork in industry encourages the growth and cultivation of new forest areas.

Cork extraction is done manually without the use of machines. About 5 people are needed to remove the bark of a tree. Small axes are used for this purpose. The process requires special training and experience to perform properly.

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