Eco-friendly living!

Living an eco-friendly life is all about making conscious choices everyday. It’s not just about plastic bags – it's about reducing pollution, conserving natural resources and protecting wildlife. At the outset, it can be difficult starting to make environment-positive choices but after a while and with perseverance they become habits – encouraging friends and family to consider their choices and reduce their carbon footprints - following in your foot steps!

We all know that taking your own bags rather than buying single use plastic ones each time you go shopping helps the environment enormously – it not only reduces plastic waste and prevents marine mammals from getting tangled in them it saves money having to buy plastic bags each time!

Another area of concern is the overuse of product packaging – it is often difficult to find products without packaging and whilst supermarkets are working hard to reduce the amount used, we can choose to buy products with less or without any packaging – using our own bags instead. At the very least we can ensure that any packaging is recycled wherever possible.

A brilliant way to work towards reducing your carbon footprint is investing in a more eco-friendly wardrobe. When you choose sustainable lifestyle fashion and accessory brands, you reduce your carbon footprint enormously. Fast fashion is incredibly wasteful and damaging to the environment and people are starting to look for more ethically-sourced, responsible and sustainable products – consequently there are many new generation brands entering the market – such as Whistler Tree – not only do they have a range of beautifully designed and crafted, sustainable handbags and accessories – you can also be confident that you are making an environmentally positive choice when buying from them!


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