Cork Leather Bags - YES OR DEFINITELY YES!

When you think of a high-quality bag, the first thing that comes to mind is a nice genuine leather bag made in a country with traditions.

Are there other options?

Definitely YES - there are other quality and luxurious natural materials. One of them is cork leather. Most of us know it as a material from which goods are made for the home, but cork has many uses, and the most surprising of them is fashion. It is elastic, soft, silky and elegant. In addition, the cork is extremely strong and waterproof.

Still having doubts?

It's hard to imagine how cork can be used to make fashion accessories like bags, wallets, necklaces, bracelets, hats, belts and even umbrellas. But the moment you see and touch them, you understand that this is the material of the future. It is love at first sight not only because of the listed qualities, but also because of its ecological value.

Cork is a renewable material, the extraction of which does not harm the tree. Removing the bark of the cork oak helps its growth and development and extends the life of the tree. The use of cork in industry encourages the growth and cultivation of new forest areas.

Cork extraction is done manually without the use of machines. About 5 people are needed to remove the bark from a tree. Small axes are used for this purpose. The process requires special training and experience to perform correctly.

Get to know cork in a whole new way - from the cork the luxury cork bag!

Cork now has a new face that surprises and fascinates us with its beauty and radiance. It is unique - there is no other material created by man or nature that resembles cork in its qualities. Due to the unique combination of properties, cork has an extremely wide application in all spheres of life - from flooring, wall coverings and insulation to luxury fashion accessories and home items.

Cork is eco, it is obtained from the cork oak, which grows mainly in the Mediterranean. It contains suberin, which is antibacterial, antistatic, waterproof, shockproof, elastic and fireproof. The cork oak lives over 250 years and is the only tree whose bark regenerates after each harvest.

Processing cork is a complex and labour-intensive process. Once harvested, the cork is allowed to dry, then the cork bark is boiled to make it more elastic. The next step is to separate the bark by quality and thickness depending on the end use.

The highest quality cork is used to make cork leather-

- Innovative: to the touch and visually there is no analogue, it is soft and elastic, velvety or smooth depending on the processing;

-natural: made from the bark of the cork oak, it has physical and chemical properties that cannot be recreated by man;

- Ecological - the cork bark regenerates, which is why the extraction of cork does not damage nature;

- Strong – the unique structure ensures high resistance during use;

- Hypoallergenic – it is antibacterial, does not absorb grease and dust;

- Waterproof - the natural properties of cork and its specific processing allow the manufacture of umbrellas, raincoats, bags, wallets, hats and other fashion accessories.

 Cork leather is already a hit in the world of fashion and will be a highlight in the collections of fashion designers this year as well as every year-

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The Albufeira Large Purse is available in many colours with multiple card slots and a coin compartment – light, tactile and beautifully crafted this sustainable purse will quickly become your constant companion - a purse that goes everywhere and with everything, regardless of the occasion.


Albufeira Sustainable Vegan Cork Leather Large Purse - Brown


Another must-have item for your new sustainable wardrobe is the Amadora Tote Bag - made from premium vegan cork leather. Light, practical, stain resistant and water repellent – not only does this bag look great and is easy to wear – it is PETA certified animal-free and completely eco-friendly.

Silves Folded Backpack - RASPBERRY

Backpack in 100% cork with black organic cotton lining. Fold over corners and tab detail. Metal turn lock closure. Magnetic snap button fastening inside & multiple interior pockets. Interior branded patch & printed branded detailin. Antique silver hardware/zips. Adjustable back straps.

If you are looking for a more practical and convenient bag, Whistler Tree have a beautiful Lamego Cross Body Bag in Tan that is both eco friendly, sustainable, stylish and will make a statement everywhere you go. The features of this gorgeous cross body bag are the following; Cross body bag in 100% cork with black organic cotton lining, a magnetic snap button fastening underneath the flap, a slip in pocket underneath the flap, a zipped central compartment inside, an interior branded patch, it has two different detachable and interchangeable straps, a printed branding detail and a branded zip puller.

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