Business bags to choose

When it comes to business bags, it is very important to choose the perfect bag that will be both convenient and fashionable. A business bag or a bag that you carry to your place of work isn’t just an accessory to complete your look, but a necessity and a representation of your ideology and what you stand for. A tool that accompanies you everywhere you go on a working day. Everyone has a different idea when it comes to a bag they will use for week, but you need a bag that will fit your activities and daily requirement and a bag that will fit all your necessities for work.
There are many factors that we take into consideration when picking out the perfect business bag for you. Here are the key features you need to look out for and some of our favourite bags that work!
Amadora Tote Bag Multicolour Whistler Tree
Size is a very important factor when it comes to work bags. Business bags are always are on the larger side, no matter your profession. When picking out a bag you need to take into consideration what you need for work. Quite frequently you need a bag that will be able to fit your laptop in as well as other essentials like documentation, pens, notebooks, keys and other essentials you may need during the day. At Whistler Tree we have the perfect bag for you. Our gorgeous Amadora tote bag comes in a couple of gorgeous, work friendly, colours. A fully sustainable tote bag in natural cork. This totes interior is large enough to hold all your daily work essentials, including a 13” Macbook and features a secure internal zipped compartment on the back wall. Both fashionable, work appropriate, durable and sustainable. What more could you want when picking out a work bag.
Silves Folded Backpack Multicolours Whistler Tree
How to carry? An important key feature that we sometimes forget about when shopping for business bags. Over the shoulders, on one shoulder or on your arm? Your comfort level and way of transport comes into factor here. If you travel by bike, public transport or walk to work, you may want to consider a backpack. At Whistler Tree we have a gorgeous Silves Folded Backpack in a multitude in colours to match any preferred style for work. A backpack with multiple interior pockets and a magnetic snap button fastening inside for quick access.
Lastly on our list of important factors to take into consideration. Material. The life and quality of your bag is dependent on the material it is made of. That’s why, at Whistler Tree, we recommend you take a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach when it comes to bag materials. All of our bags are made of a natural cork leather material. A very durable and waterproof material for those rainy days. A material that we guarantee you can put your trust in. Our collections are 100% cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethically made using sustainably sourced materials that are the highest grade.
Have a look at our collections and choose from our huge variety of different bags for your work days.