An eco-friendly way of life

Resolving to a more eco-friendly and environmentally friendly way of life has become more important than ever. It has now become more of a responsibility rather than a trend. More and more brands are making changes and working towards and more environmentally friendly future with sustainable practices to do their part in saving the earth and become role models to other companies and consumers all over the world.

As many of you know fast fashion has a huge impact on the earth. Here is a little bit about its environmental impact.

Let’s start with what fast fashion is. The term ‘fast fashion’ has become more prominent in conversations surrounding fashion, sustainability, and environmental consciousness. The term refers to ‘cheaply produced and priced garments that copy the latest catwalk styles and get pumped quickly through stores in order to maximise on current trends’.

Why is this bad?

It dries up water sources and pollutes rivers and streams, while 85% of all textiles go to dumps each year. Even washing clothes releases 500 000 tons of microfibres into the ocean each year, the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles. emissions from textile manufacturing alone are projected to skyrocket by 60% by 2030.

The environmental impact of fast fashion. Water-

It compromises the depletion of non-renewable sources, emission of greenhouse gases and the use of huge amounts of water and energy. The fashion industry is the second largest consumer industry of water, requiring about 700 gallons to produce one cotton shirt and 2 000 gallons of water to produce a pair of jeans. Also, textile dyeing is the world’s second-largest polluter of water, since the water leftover from the dyeing process is often dumped into ditches, streams or rivers


The production of making plastic fibres into textiles is an energy-intensive process that requires large amounts of petroleum and releases volatile particulate matter and acids like hydrogen chloride. Additionally, cotton, which is in a large amount of fast fashion products, is also not environmentally friendly to manufacture. 

What is the solution-?

On a personal level, one of the easiest ways to help the environment is by using eco-friendly bags. Plastic pollution is no joke. They're everywhere. They are littered in our oceans, streets, and even drift in the air. And the worst part is, they take up to a thousand years to decompose, creating a problem for future generations.

There are so many brands who offer completely eco-friendly products. One of our favourite brands who work entirely with cork leather is Whistler Tree. By investing in Whistler Tree environmentally friendly bags, you can do your part in cutting down the world’s plastic consumption by using eco-friendly bags. Doing so has numerous advantages, including, but not limited to reduced waste, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

With so many environmental advantages by purchasing your very own Whistler Tree bag, another advantage is that they are very stylish!

While not all eco-friendly bags may be your style and look stylish, Whistler Tree  have been able to implement sustainability, durability and style all in one. With a huge choice of different designs, styles, sizes and colours, there is something for everyone’s different.

Especially with our gorgeous tote collection-

Since the goal of most totes is to be able to tote around lots of stuff, I suggest looking for one that’s durable. The new durable, sustainable and eco-friendly is CORK LEATHER! With comfortable straps, not too heavy, and a bonus with one or two internal pockets. We, at Whistler Tree have the best tote bags for you! A tote bag is for every experience- here are just a few perfect places to use your tote bag in your every-day life.

They have a multitude of uses due to their large interior and large straps. The wide opening allows easy access and easy viewing to what you have placed in your gorgeous bag. Easy to carry around and take on picnics. Especially now that the weather is getting warmer, picnics are a staple in British summers.

And if a tote bag is not your cup of tea, then we have gorgeous, must-have backpacks; our Silves Backpack in Brown. A backpack that also comes in a few colours; A whistler Tree favourite. This stylish vegan cork backpack is a perfect accessory to any look, from weekday to weekend. The folded front panel detail has a turn lock closure, which then opens to reveal a spacious interior complete with multiple pockets for your mobile phone and all-important accessories. 

Have a browse through all of our gorgeous Whistler Tree, cork leather sustainable bags.

While talking about cork leather, you are probably wondering what I am on about. Here is a little bit about cork leather and its sustainable factors.

Cork leather is the latest innovation in the processing of cork bark. Only the best cork material is used to make it soft, beautiful and strong. Cork Leather is a natural product. It is made from fine sheets of natural cork, extracted from the bark of cork oak. These fine sheets are applied with special technology on different types of bases depending on its subsequent use - for bags, accessories, jewellery, umbrellas, raincoats, furniture upholstery, etc. Cork is a renewable material, the extraction of which does not harm the wood. Removing the bark of the cork oak supports its growth and development and prolongs the life of the tree. The use of cork in industry encourages the growth and cultivation of new forest areas.

Extremely durable, strong, eco-friendly, waterproof, sustainable and of course looks amazing! But then again living a more eco-friendly life is the new fashion statement anyway! Make your statement now, with Whistler Tree.